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It all started with two pennies

I found two pennies long ago and tucked them in my shoe.
Not knowing what they meant that day, I pass this onto you.
Some say angels drop them. Some say they’re good luck.
As for me they’re more profound – they say “In God We Trust”.

Whenever I wear my penny, people ask me “Why?”
I say it reassures me, God is by my side.
Nothing quite so little…nothing quite so round —
Speaks louder than a copper coin lying on the ground.

When Susan picked up those two copper coins she had no idea what life was going to throw at her or how the Lord was going to use those two pennies to bring inspiration to thousands upon thousands who have visited The Copper Coin, the #1 gift store in Branson, Missouri, and/or heard Susan speak. To Susan, the penny is priceless. Why?

In God We Trust, the motto of the United States of America, was first minted on the U.S. penny over 100 years ago. The penny is priceless to me because it reminds me of our country’s heritage, the values upon which it was founded, and the story of the miracle that launched my collection of penny jewelry and the book, Against All Odds. I hope you look upon your penny as I do mine – as a statement of faith and trust in God.

A Rainbow and A Woman Called Mercy. Susan’s account of a miracle healing is one of the most inspiring books you will ever pick up. From brokenhearted to forgiveness…from certain death to a miracle healing, Susan’s story sends an encouraging message  of redemption and hope….a must read for every man and woman.”May every penny from heaven you find on your life’s journey be a reminder of God’s love for you. His amazing grace and those four priceless words minted on every penny, In God We Trust.” Susan Abar